In our range of artisan products we have the following plain and flavoured chocolate bars all handmade in Northern Ireland 

Columbian 65% single origin dark chocolate 

Delightfully balanced bitter sweet flavour with defined cocoa notes, ideal for those who seek a balance of flavour and aroma in their chocolate. 

Lime and Chilli

 Rich dark chocolate flavoured with natural tangy lime and a surprising kick of chilli. 

                                       Ay Caramba!


Orange and Ginger

Rich dark chocolate flavoured with natural sweet zesty orange and aromatic ginger pieces.

                                               A sophisticated pleasure!  


Luscious milk chocolate hand-filled with a smooth luxury caramel.

                           Soft toffee deliciousness!


Sea Salt


Smooth milk chocolate with a sprinkle of crisp Irish Sea Salt.

                      An intriguing combination! 




Luscious milk chocolate with golden honeycomb pieces.

                               A crunch sensation!

Eton Mess 

Creamy white chocolate with crushed raspberries, crunchy meringue and sweet marshmallow.

                         Enjoy the taste of Summer all year round!


Hot Choc Block          

Make the perfect rich creamy hot chocolate every time with our Hot Choc Block.

                                  Warm up 200 ml of milk
                                  Unwrap the Hot Choc Block
                                  Stir the Hot Choc Block into the warm milk until it has all melted.
                                  Drink and enjoy!  


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